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Rollring traverse units are positive drives, which convert the constant speed rotation of a shaft into variable speed, variable stroke, reciprocating motion without changing the direction of shaft rotation. This is a unique method of converting rotary motion into linear reciprocating motion on the principle that contact pressure created between a correctly dimensioned ring and shaft assembly enables significant forces to be transmitted. The rate of advance of the unit on the shaft is directly related to the angle of contact between the ring and shaft. The traverse direction reverses instantaneously and automatically.
The assembly performs similar to a lead screw but has the added advantage of a finely variable pitch and an infinitely variable setting of traverse length.



Seventeen models of traverse units are available with axial thrust ranging from 5 Kg to 280 Kg and suitable for shaft dia 10mm to 80mm. Traverse units are available in two designs. Type 1 : With Three Rolling Rings and Type 2: with  four Rolling Rings.

Type 1) Traverse Unit With Three Rolling Rings :
Models Available
1) HT 1   (shaft Ø 10mm),
2) HT 2   (shaft Ø 15mm),
3) HT 3   (shaft Ø 20mm),
4  HT 22 (shaft Ø 22mm),
5) HT 3N (shaft Ø 30mm),
6) HT 4   (shaft Ø 40mm),
7) HT 5   (shaft Ø 50mm),
8) HT 6   (shaft Ø 60mm),
9) HT 8   (shaft Ø 80mm)

Type 2 ) Traverse Unit With Four Rolling Rings:

Models Available
1) 4RR 15 (Shaft dia 15mm)
2) 4RR 20 (Shaft dia 20mm)
3) 4RR 22 (Shaft dia 22mm)
4) 4RR 30 (Shaft dia 30mm)
5) 4RR 40 (Shaft dia 40mm)
6) 4RR 50 (Shaft dia 50mm)
7) 4RR 60 (shaft dia 60mm)
8) 4RR 80 (Shaft dia 80mm)

Traverse unit with four Rolling Rings are heavy-duty models. The extra Rolling Ring increases the axial thrust capacity by 100 %.
There is no significant changes in outside dimensions for models from 40 mm dia shaft and above. The dimensional change mainly in length for models suitable for 30 mm dia shaft and below (4RR 15, 4RR 20, 4RR 22, 4RR 30.) is minimum.
Traverse unit with four Rolling Rings enable the use of a smaller dia shaft for application having high thrust requirements, saving in cost and also where only limited space is available.

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