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Stranding Machines - Rigid / Tubular - 500 / 630 mm Bobbins for conductors (Round & Shaped Compacted & Non-Compacted)

Used for stranding smaller diameter wires. The models have bobbin holding shaft or pintle type . Fork / Cage Type Rigid Type and Sun & Planetary 1+6+12+18+24+30 Bobbins.

The line consists of, Pay off Stand, Main Gear Box, Wire Guide's, Die Holders, Sector Shaping & Pre-spiral Heads, Taping Head, Highly Polished Grooved Double Haul of Capstan to pull the conductor at a uniform speed, Take Up Stand with automatic traversing system , Main Drive and Control Panel.

Tubular Stranding Machines : These are Heavy Duty , High Speed Machines tubular in shape offered in 1+6 & 1+12 configuration and bobbin flange diameter 500 / 630 mm.

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