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Extrusion Lines Complete 45 / 65 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 150 mm complete with high Speed Mixtures, Caterpillar, Pay Off, Take Up etc.

Extruders for a variety of materials to be extruded such as PVC / LDPE / HDPE / XLPE, Nylon etc. The Extruder has superior mechanical design, together with precise temperature controls resulting in high quality and homogenous output.

The extruders can be used for insulation and sheathing / jacketing .

The Screw and Barrel are made of special alloy steel, nitrided and honed designed for bearing the pressure of maximum 1000 BAR.

Cross-Heads : Can offer both fixed or manual centering ,to give excellent concentricity,

ideally suited for insulation and sheathing of round, sector shaped or multi-conductor cables.

Caterpillar & Capstan : The caterpillar is of heavy design with high number of gripping rollers which ensures even distribution of pressure on the length of cable to be pressed. Line speed is adjusted by means of three speed gear box. The Caterpillar is used for big size cables and for smaller sizes Capstan units can be offered.

Take-Up and Pay-Off Stands : These are floor type models, heavy duty traversing Portal type, which are driven by DC geared motors for vertical lifting of the drums . The winding is done through electronically controlled traverse. A three speed gear box allows the selection of optimum sensitivity of tension control throughout the full range of drum size. Lifting and lowering of stands are motorized.

Pay off & Take up can be designed for drum sizes from 600 to 3100 drum flange diameter and weight from 3 tons to 15 tons as per customers requirements.

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